Cooperative Output Regulation of Second-order Multi-agent Systems: The Internal Model Approach


In this talk, we present two classes of distributed internal models for the cooperative output regulation problem of the leader-follower second-order multi-agent systems. The first class of distributed internal model is linear and depends on the leader dynamics information, while the second class is nonlinear but can be independent of a priori knowledge of the leader dynamics information. By introducing the internal model, the problem can be converted into the auxiliary cooperative stabilization problem, and the latter problem can be solved by the block backstepping algorithm. The strict Lyapunov function can be established for the closed-loop system, which assures not only a specified exponential convergence rate but also tolerable bounds of unmodeled disturbances. Finally, we study the formation control in dynamic positioning of multiple offshore vessels by the proposed internal model approach.


December 11st, 2018

9:30 ~ 11:00


Youfeng Su, Fuzhou University


Room 102, School of Information Management & Engineering, Shanghai University of Finance & Economics

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