Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences (RIIS) is dedicated to becoming one of the leading research centers on interdisciplinary sciences in the world, to offer a conducive environment for research and to preparing students for leadership in changing the world with interdisciplinary research capabilities.

Represented by machine learning, cloud computing, big data and fintech, cutting-edge technology developments have been leading a profound revolution in a rapid pace nowadays. With the rapid novation in technology, barriers in diverse fields are gradually broken down. This new phenomenon poses a new challenge on scientific research and talent cultivation, and now it calls for interdisciplinary collaborations.

Aiming to facilitate interdisciplinary communication and development as well as foster top interdisciplinary talents, the Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences (RIIS) is born.

RIIS is equipped with an outstanding faculty team including more than ten Ph.D. from renowned universities such as Stanford University both home and abroad. RIIS is an umbrella institute hosting five research organizations, namely Research Center for Management Science and Information Analytics, The LEAVES International Parallel Computing Optimization Lab(LEAVES), Research Center for FinTech, Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, and Research Center for Sharing Economy. In addition, RIIS plans to launch a MD-PhD joint program with University of Minnesota. Working with School of Information Management and Engineering, RIIS will start a pilot class for further exploration and construction, and will be devoted to top-talent cultivation.