A New and Enhanced Semidefinite Relaxation for a Class of Nonconvex Complex Quadratic Problems with Applications in Wireless Communications


In this talk, we shall consider a special class of nonconvex Complex Quadratic Problems (CQP), which finds many important and interesting applications in wireless communications. In this talk, we shall first develop a new and Enhanced Complex SemiDefinite Program, called ECSDP, for the considered CQP and then apply the ECSDP to MIMO detection, a fundamental problem in modern wireless communications. As our main result, we show the tightness of the ECSDP for MIMO detection under an easily checkable condition. This result answers an open question posed by So in 2010. Based on the ECSDP, we can also develop a branch-and-bound algorithm for globally solving the MIMO detection problem (even though the above condition does not hold true).


October 23th, 2018

15:30 ~ 17:00


Ya-Feng Liu, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Room 610, School of Information Management & Engineering, Shanghai University of Finance & Economics

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