Practices of Artificial Intelligence in Financial Risk Management in China




下午 17:00 - 18:00






Practices of Artificial Intelligence in Financial Risk Management in China


Mingjie Zhu

Founder and CEO of CreditX Shanghai

Dr. Mingjie Zhu is the founder and CEO of CreditX Shanghai, with extensive knowledge and R&D experience in data mining, Internet search technology and machine learning. 

MJ graduated from Special Class for Gifted Young, University of Science & Technology of China in 2004. MJ hold a PhD from Microsoft Research Asia. 

After his graduation, he conducted postdoctoral research at Max Planck Institute for Informatics in the field of very large-scale data mining. He then worked in Yahoo Labs and eBay Search Science focusing on search technology and machine learning. His last role before he founded CreditX was the head of Data department in Ctrip.


Currently only a few people have credit records in Central Credit System in China. It's quite difficult to accurately evaluate the credit for most people. As a result, the rapidly growing financial industry leads to an urgent requirement to maximize the value of big data in credit scoring. We are working with leading financial institutions to address this problem. This talk presents our practices of empowering big data in risk control, including leveraging deep learning to extract features automatically from unstructured data such as texts or time-series data, applying ensemble model/learning on high-dimensional, sparse, low saturation and rich of missing value data in individual credit scoring.