Distinguished Lecture by Professor Shu Jia About Dynamic Containers Deployment

Distinguished Lecture by Professor Shu Jia About Dynamic Containers Deployment


Dynamic Containers Deployment: Two-Stage Robust Model,Complexity,and Computational Results

About the Lecturer

Jia Shu is a professor at the Department of Management Science and Engineering,School of Economics and Management,Southeast University, Nanjing,China.

He received a B.Eng.degree in Power Automation Engineering from Southeast University,and a Ph.D in Operations Research from the Singapore-MIT Alliance Program.His research interests include Logistics and Transportation Management,Computational Ip,etc.

Lecture Description

Containers are widely used in the shipping industry mainly because of their capability to facilitate multi-modal transportation. How to effectively reposition the non-revenue empty containers is the key to reduce the cost and improve service in the liner shipping industry. In this lecture, we propose a two-stage robust optimization model which takes into account of the laden containers routing as well as the empty container repositioning, and define the robustness for this model with uncertainties in the supply and demand of the empty containers.

We compare our approach with both the deterministic model and the stochastic model for the same problem in the rolling horizon simulation environment. The computational results establish the potential practical usefulness of the proposed approach.


March 28, 2016 (Monday)




Lecture hall 102, Building of School of IME, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

No.100 Wudong Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai