2015 SIME Scientific Research Achievements Collection

Looking back on 2015, School of Information Management and Engineering have made innumerable great achievements. The fruitful academic publishing in international respected journals and the establishment of scientific lab have shown our professors’ endless exploration in scientific research.

Some significant achievements are as follow:

  1. The LEAVES International Parallel Computing Optimization Lab(LEAVES) is officially established.

  2. Optimal Dynamic Pricing with Patient Customers, written by Pro. Liu Yan, is published on Operations Research, one of the top academic journal in the field of operations research.

  3. In the 2015 ACM conference on Economics and Computation, A non-asymptotic Approach to Analyzing Kidney Exchange Graphs, written by Pro. Ge Dongdong and Pro. He Simai, is approved by EC.

  4. Characterizing Real-Valued Multivariate Complex Polynomials and Their Symmetric Tensor Representations, written by Pro. Jiang Bo, is accepted to be published on SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications.

  5. The Emergence of Self-Organizing E-commerce Ecosystems in Remote Villages of China: A Tale of Digital Empowerment for Rural Development is published online on MIS Quarterly.