2015 International Courses for Summer Program

O. Course Name Professor Time Room
1 Topics in Revenue Management Vineet Goyal July.8th-11th 13:20-17:05 WudongT10
2 Portfolio Optimization in Finance Hanqing Jin July.8th-11th 13:20-17:05 WudongT6
3 Stochastic Modeling Peter Glynn July.10th-13th 8:00-11:45 WudongT7
4 From Machine Learning to Decision-making: Bandit Learning and Reinforcement Learning Xi Chen July.10th-13th 13:20-17:05 Third Teaching Building404
5 Simulation Methods Zeyu Zheng July.10th-13th 13:20-17:05 WudongT7
6 Large-Scale Statistical Inference Weijie Su July.13th-16th 13:20-17:05 WudongT9
7 Graph Theory and Statistical Learning Martin Wainwright July.15th-18th 8:00-11:45 WudongT9
8 Introduction to Queueing Opher Baron July.16th-19th 13:20-17:05 WudongT6
9 Stochastic Process and Financial Risk Analysis David Yao July.18th-21st 8:00-11:45 WudongT6