Summer Program 2015

Course Name
Social Network and Business Intelligence (U)
Beibei Li
Machine Learning (G/U)
Xi Chen
(NYU Stern)
A Short Course on the First-Order Algorithms for Large Scale Convex Optimization (G)
Shuzhong Zhang
Dynamic Pricing (G)
Stefanus Jasin
(Michigan Ross)
Decision Support with Spreadsheets (U)
Yan Huang
(Michigan Ross)
Foundations in Operations Management (U)
Karen Zheng
Analytical Modeling and Research in Management Information Systems (PhD)
Jianqing Chen
(UT Dallas)
Empirical Methods in MIS (U)
Yong Tan
Machine Learning and Text Analytics (U/G)
Chenghua Lin
(U of Aberdeen)
Approximate Dynamic Programming (G)
Mengdi Wang
Information Dynamics in Social Networks
Yaron Singer
Game Theory and Network Economics
Yaron Singer